Nylatron ® 6

Polyamide 6 (nylon 6, PA 6)

Nylatron ® 6 is a partially crystalline polyamide, with a good strength, toughness and resiliance. This is particularly important under impact loading or at low temperatures. It is available in a wide range of extruded stock shapes; rod, tube, sheet and plate.

Nylatron ® 66

Polyamide 66 (nylon 66 PA 66)

In comparison with Nylatron ® 6, Nylatron ® 66 has a higher melting point, better mechanical properties and greater hardness. Because of its lower water absorption, it is more suited for components that have to meet closer tolerances. It is available in a wide range of extruded stock shapes; rod, tube, sheet, plate and coiled strip.

Nylatron ® 4.6

Polyamide 4.6 (nylon 4.6, PA 4.6)

Compared with nylon 6 or 66, Nylatron ® 4.6 features a better retention of stiffness and creep resistance over a wider temperature range, as well as having superior and heat ageing resistance. This is due to being more crystalline material with a heat stabiliser additive. Applications for Nylatron ® 4.6 are most suited to a 110-150 degrees Celsius environment, where other nylons or an acetal material are unlikely to perform well.

Nylatron ® GS

Polyamide 66 (nylon 66, PA66+ MoS2)

The performance of nylon 66 can be enhanced by the incorporation of a filler. Nylatron ® GS has been modified with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), which results in a material with even better wear resistance and a lower coefficient of friction. Stiffness, tensile strength and temperature resistance are also improved. Nylatron ® GS is ideal for dynamic bearing and wear applications.

Nylatron ® 66 GF30

Polyamide 66 (nylon 66 + glass fibre)

Compared to unreinforced nylon 66, this 30% glass fibre filled grade offers increased strength and stiffness, with much better creep resistance and dimensional stability. It also offers a higher continuous service temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. The overall combination of properties makes it ideal for static, structural applications.

All extruded grades can be supplied in the following form:

    • Nylatron ® 6

      Rod, tube, plate and sheet

    • Nylatron ® 66

      Rod, tube, plate, sheet and coiled strip

    • Nylatron ® 4.6

      Rod and plate

    • Nylatron ® GS

      Rod, plate, machined sheet and coiled strip

    • Nylatron ® 66 GF 30

      Rod and plate

    • Polyamides
    • Ertacetal
    • Etalyte
    • Polycarbonate

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